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Mini Dental Implant Consultation and Evaluation
Regular Dental Implants Vs. Mini Dental Implants

The facts about dental implants in Williamsville, Buffalo and Amherst, NY

Mini Dental Implants Williamsville NY When it comes to dental implants in Buffalo and Amherst, NY, there are two major types. But knowing what type of implant is right for you will depend on a number of factors. The two main types of dental implants are traditional implants and mini dental implants. Each has specific reasons why they may be more beneficial for patients.

Do you currently suffer with broken or missing teeth? Do you think dental implants are right for you? If so, visit Oppenheimer Dental for a dental implant consultation. Our implant experts will be able to help you decide which of our procedures will get you that perfect smile.

The Real Difference That Lies between the Traditional and the Mini:

  • Regular dental implants can be either cosmetic or medical. You might go for the regular one either to eat or to speak properly. You might also use it in order to restore your teeth for a more natural look. Since they are anchored with a titanium screw, they look quite similar to that of normal teeth. On the other hand, in case of the mini dental implants, they are not at all visible from the outside. Mini dental implants are secured into your jaw bone, making them look and act like natural teeth.  Mini dental implants are much less involved than regular implants, which makes treatments quicker and easier, all with long lasting results.
  • The cost involved in mini dental implants is significantly lower than that of the regular implants. As a result even if you have limited budget, you can opt for this option. Traditional implant procedures are much longer and much more involved. In just a single treatment, mini dental implants can be inserted. Traditional implants take much longer to secure. Several treatments are needed and some social downtime may be necessary.
  • Normal implants are suitable for replacing a single tooth or for replacing a bridge or full dentures. They are also used to hold removable dentures in place. On the other hand, mini dental implants hold a single replacement tooth or a partial bridge in place much more effectively. Incisions are not required and there are no stitches to be removed at a later stage. They can be easily removed for cleaning and it won't shift while eating or talking.

Both types of implants have their pros and their cons, determining which dental implants are right for you is as easy as visiting Oppenheimer Dental for a consultation. Find out today if dental implants in Buffalo and Amherst, NY are right for you!