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Mini Dental Implant Consultation and Evaluation
Mini Implant Dentist Williamsville, Buffalo, and Amherst, NY
Dr. Benjamin D. Oppenheimer

Benjamin D. OppenheimerWelcome to the website of Dr. Benjamin D. Oppenheimer! Dr. Benjamin D. Oppenheimer is an expert Mini Implant Dentist Buffalo, NY & Amherst. A graduate from the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Oppenheimer has practiced for over a decade. He had completed his bachelor of science in the year 2000 from the University of Pacific.

An academically brilliant person Dr. Oppenheimer has many credits and accolades in his kitty. During his periods of study, he received a Dean's letter for excellence in Academics and it is in fact his solid grounding in academics which makes him one of the best practicing Mini Implant Dentist Buffalo, NY & Amherst. It also needs to be mentioned that Dr. Oppenheimer has received an achievement award in the international Congress of Oral Implantoligists for his excellence in the field of research on the Mini Dental Implants.

He is famous all over the world as Mini Implant Dentist Buffalo, NY & Amherst, NY dentist and he is a leading expert in this field. Till now, apart from treating several patients, he has also taught several dentists to use the mini dental implant procedure.

Currently he is an owner dentist practicing in Buffalo, NY. Dr. Benjamin D. Oppenheimer also holds the position of president in Foundation Milling Centre that is engaged in High Tech Dental Ceramic Contract Manufacturing. He has previously worked as a consultant to the IMTEC Corporation which is the manufacturer of the world's most famous MDI products. He has also written several articles on dentistry which has been published in scientific journals. Dr. Benjamin D. Oppenheimer has been a manager and case review consultant with F.I.R.S.T. Laboratories LLC from 2007 to 2009. He has functioned as an associate dentist with the Aesthetic Associates Centre and is well versed in all aspects of patient care.

His skill sets include:


  • Startup business creation and development
  • FDA approval process
  • Coordination with legal council for Patent/Trademark/Litigation/Contracts
  • Successful sales negotiation
  • Creative problem solving
  • Product development and market introduction
  • Seminar planing and organization
  • Professional Public Speaking
  • Host of the Great Look Radio Show Buffalo NY


This Denture Specialist Buffalo, NY & Amherst, NY is the best person to visit if you are planning to go for a mini dental implant. He is a specialist in the field and can provide the best treatment to both child and adults in Amherst, NY. Being the President of the Foundation Milling centre, LLC, which is a manufacturing firm for the dental contract, he heads the research and the development department. This department is famous for high tech dental products which include yittria-zirconia line of products as well as sintered diamond abrasives.

Dr. Oppenheimer is also a business consultant. He is one of the Board members for Jenius Industries Inc. and VBS Holdings LLC. Both of these are technology firms which focus on health care as well as Web 2.0 internet applications.

If you are suffering from any kind of dental problem, you can rest assured that Dr. Benjamin D. Oppenheimer is the best person to take care of you. In fact he is the best person to help you maintain the oral health. They are extremely devoted toward their patient. Their experience and skills have helped them to solve different types of simple to complicated problems thus imparting maximum benefits to most dental patients.

Dr. Benjamin D. Oppenheimer considers his patient to be the most important asset and always works in order to develop long lasting and trusting relationships with the patient. He is your best choice for hiring a reputed Denture Specialist Buffalo, NY & Amherst, NY.