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Mini Dental Implant Consultation and Evaluation

 Welcome to Concierge Dental Group

At Concierge Dental Group, Dr. Benjamin Oppenheimer concentrate on restoring your smile to it’s natural beautiful state.  We focus on patients who are suffering from broken, damaged, diseased or missing teeth. If you are looking for dental implants in Buffalo, New York, Dr. Benjamin Oppenheimer may be just what you need to achieve that perfect smile.  At Concierge Dental Group, serving Amherst and Buffalo, NY, we offer the most technologically advanced dental implant procedures available.  By utilizing Mini Dental Implant technology and Cone Beam X-ray imaging, minimally invasive dental implant treatment can be realized.

Many men and women suffer from broken and missing teeth. Sometimes it gets so bad that you may think your mouth is not fixable.  With new technology and the caring staff at Concierge Dental Group this is not the case.  Don’t continue to suffer when there is an affordable dental implant option out there for achieving a beautiful smile.  The cost of mini dental implants in Amherst, NY with Dr. Oppenheimer  will be much more reasonable than you think.  Thousands of patients can testify to the caring and skill of Dr. Benjamin Oppenheimer.  Imagine being able to eat the foods you used to enjoy and feel confident in yourself with your new Concierge Dental Group smile!

Choosing the right implant dentist is extremely important and experience counts.  Dr. Benjamin Oppenheimer has treated thousands of dental implant patients.  He is a member of both the International Congress of Oral Implantologists as well as The American Academy of Implant Dentistry.  He also is a Fellow of the ICOI, a designation given to dentists who show a high level of dental implant expertise and hundreds of hours of continuing education in implant dentistry.  Dr. Oppenheimer is also a teacher and lecturer on implant therapy.  He has taught implant dentistry to hundreds of dentists worldwide.  Dr. Ben has also published scientific articles on the subject of dental implants, is an expert for 3M ESPE IMTEC implant division, and often is asked by manufacturers to contribute to implant product development.

The Dental Implant Process:

At Concierge Dental Group in Buffalo, NY, a free dental implant consultation is available to all new patients.  An x-ray will be made of your whole mouth and the doctor will spend approximately 40 minutes discussing your specific needs at no charge.  A treatment plan will be developed and presented by the doctor and financial options will be discussed.  Dr. Oppenheimer offers flexible financing options that are sure to fit your budget.

A dental implant is a titanium screw which replaces the root of a tooth. Once the implant is placed either a custom crown is cemented on top of the implant or attachments are screwed into the top of the implants and snaps are fitted into the dentures.  As time progresses, the implant binds with your bone through a process called osseointegration and becomes solidly healed to the jaw bone.

Mini dental implants are placed in a minimally invasive microsurgical procedure.  First, the gums or gingiva are numbed with topical and local anesthetic.  Second, a small pin hole is placed into the gums and bone to guide the implant.  Third, the MDI is gently screwed into the pinhole by hand.  It is fast and easy taking only a few minutes each implant.  The total appointment is usually less than an hour.

Healing is most often uneventful; pain medication is often not needed but available.  Antibiotics are prescribed to prevent infection and instructions given on how to take care of the new implants.  We will see you again in the weeks following the procedure for adjustments and refitting if necessary.

Whether you are replacing missing or broken teeth or want a more stable denture, dental implants and mini dental implants are the treatment of choice and Dr. Oppenheimer is the dentist to do it.  Implants relieve the distress caused by traditional removable dentures so they will always remain secure and in their right place.  Unlike dental bridges or partial dentures which use the adjacent teeth for anchorage, dental implants keep adjacent teeth healthy because the implants provide needed support.  Let Dr. Oppenheimer show you how mini implants can give you improved speech, enhanced appearance, greater comfort, easier chewing and increased self-esteem. If you are tired of living with an imperfect smile and are ready to get beautiful, natural looking teeth, call Concierge Dental Group today at 716-791-9957 and find out how mini dental implants in Amherst and Buffalo, New York can help you to look and feel your very best!

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